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Product Code: 12vTUNA
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If you have ever needed MOAR FUEL out of your 12v and wondered "Why can't I get a tuner for this sluggish yet sexy gift to diesel culture?" 

Well don't create a stream with your tears of joy when you see the Troll Performance Tuning SUPER TUNER for ONLY 12v Cummins. 

This thing will get you MOAR FUEL and boy will you ROLL COAL like the big dogs. 

This is not just a 12v tuner... no no we wouldn't just sell you that, this can also serve as a 

2nd Key to start your truck
Prying tool to get your hood up
Theft deterrent device (because no one wants to mess with a crazy man with a beard threatening you with a screw driver)
It will even turn screws (flat head only, Deluxe model will do both Flat and Phillips **soon to be released**)
You can open a beer can with it
scratch your back
or for the man with no fear PICK YOUR OWN NOSE!!!!

HURRY AND BUY NOW there is limited supply

*product may not be exactly as picture shown* 

Customer Reviews
3 review(s) posted (write review) 5 product stars
orgasmic - cuntrybumpkin - 1/16/2013
How does 704 hp and 29.5 mpg sound? Sounds good to me too, and thats what I'm guessing my truck is capable of now. I don't have a dyno, and I'm not good with math, but I'm not going to let that stop me from writing a positive review with data that I made up. FYI, if the Super Tuner doesn't yield immediate results, have a dealer re-flash the ecm for a truck that would have had factory cab lights, made all the difference for mine!

5 product stars
MOAR Racetruck - Tyler G. - 1/16/2013
Well let me just start off by saying my 12V had always been a bit of a slug. Past tense of course. The dudes at TPT hooked me up with a combo pack of this tuning tool paired with not only one, but two diodes to wrap around it for communicating with the truck when plugging it into the dashboard. Let me just tell you.. My truck is now faster than a marathon running, polka dot moo-moo wearing, rio grande burrito farting, three legged convict escaping from federal "nail you in the ass" prison serving a 8-10 for rolling MOAR coal than all the refineries in Detroit combined. (So jealous, he must have been running the chernoble tunes paired with the EZ lift Hydraulic cab mod for his 6.0) But anyways, TPT is at it again! I can't tell you how many duramaxes I've rolled up on and beat down. EFI whaaaaat? No bish.. SCREWDRIVER LIVE.

5 product stars
Mesmerizing - Jim-Bob - 1/16/2013
I recently purchased this for my Dodge...It made such a profound difference in how my truck runs and performs! The multi-use function is pure winning. I can't believe TPT is offering this tool at such a bargain-basement price! I've seen this advertised for twice or even three times as much on other sites. Thanks for changing my life, and helping my truck, TPT!