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Troll Performance Tuning 3" x 5" Oval sticker

Product Code: TPT-sticker oval
Troll Performance Tuning 3" x 5" Oval sticker
$3.25 inc. tax

$3.00 ex. tax
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Troll Performance Tuning 3" x 5" Oval sticker Summary

  You know you have wanted to get a sticker that flows well with your truck's style but nothing says "I've got MOAR FUEL" just quite right. Well you found it here.

  This sticker has powers beyond your wildest dreams, just touching this sticker you might grow an *insta-beard,why waste all that time itching when you can grab a TPT sticker and have the burlyest of manly beards ever thought of.

 Not sure if your stock trans can handle the power the TPT sticker will unleash... well prepare for a trans kit son cause this sticker is going to double... no **QUADRUPLE YOUR POWER!!!

Just come on by and get your TPT sticker while you can before the EPA outlaws it. 

Supplies limited on first run!!!

Special Pricing for orders 5 or more!

*you will not grow an instabeard but you will feel more manly from your awesome purchase.

**This sticker will not Quadruple your power but it may enhance coefficient drag which will make your truck seem faster... but it will look cooler.

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Customer Reviews
2 review(s) posted (write review) 5 product stars
Like... Woah! - Tyler Gainey - 10/25/2012
I can't believe the low price of this item. I mean seriously guys.. you NEED this modification for your truck. They add their tuning IN TO the sticker! I didn't even know this technology existed yet, however I've been running this sticker on my lawn mower AND my 88 honda crx hatchback for a few weeks now, running nothing but good OL DIESEL fuel! and MOAR of it too! You wouldn't believe the looks you get when pulling up to the green handle pumps in a classic car with moose mirrors. Pure adrenaline! Especially when you switch over to the Chernobyl and leave a rolling blackout to the whole county when the country guys try to say something. It's beyond worth it, I'm pretty sure my truck will run solid 8's with this extra "oomph", cause I mean, I've already got the banks POWER PACKAGE and that added SO much crazy horsepower I'm already in the 10s!

5 product stars
Awesome sticker - kyle - 10/25/2012
if Jerry Sandansky and Casey Anthony had a child, this is what it would look like. This sticker is AWESOME